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Review and Interview in Fremantle Shipping News

Poetic Licence – Review and Podcast with Kevin Price In his review of Poetic Licence, FSN editor, Michael Barker laments the fact that “Balsamic & Olives,  [Roger] Lamord’s amazing restaurant on the banks of Northshore” does not actually exist. “What a restaurant” he says. And then adds, “Although one might well choose to forgo the…

Poetic Licence Release News

  Release day, Sunday 15 May, 20122. Poetic Licence is available from today. Our official launch event is tomorrow, Monday 16th May, at Bar Orient in Fremantle hosted by New Edition Bookseller. Fremantle Shipping News has published a review and podcast with Kevin Price talking with Michael Barker. They discuss the book, its origins, its…

A Reader’s View

This was such a great read! I loved loved loved it. It begins with showing us a regular household, Nenek Tata and Nenek Jantan going about their day. Then, the news of an incoming storm causes changes of plans. Nenek Tata decides to fetch crabs ensnared to eat at dinner but as soon as she…

Crave an intelligent thriller with a twist?

Writing WA review Poetic Licence… “Who benefits from the telling of certain truths and when is poetic licence justified? Kevin Price explores a raft of thorny questions and social issues in this propulsive political thriller that is crafted with thoughtful precision. Set primarily in Fremantle, the story follows Art Lazaar as he fights to save…

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Poetic Licence, by Kevin Price

‘​​a block of shadow pushing against a diffusing moonlight, the golden halo spreading out into the vineyards from its sides draining into the night like blood on a carpet’

Art Lazaar is a writer with a past he can’t escape. Mysteriously contracted to an unknown government agency while doubling as an academic, he feels the chill of a different evil crawling around his belly when asked to protect a young asylum seeker running from those who murdered her brother. It’s not a request he can refuse.

Poetic Licence dives headlong into a  world of political and institutional corruption, exposing the vast gulf between the words and deeds of the powerful, between the lives of the haves and have-nots, and the casual mistreatment of asylum seekers. Written in terse, propulsive prose, Poetic Licence is a clever thriller that won’t disappoint. David Whish-Wilson

A vividly-realised Fremantle is the apt setting for this zeitgeisty thriller. Hunter is an original and kick-ass protagonist.  Alan Carter


Look inside …

Nenek Tata and the Mangrove Menace, written and illustrated by Judith Vun Price and Jacqui Vun

Nenek Tata is preparing for a normal day, gathering water, feeding her animals and checking the crab traps in the mangrove swamp before the first storm of the monsoon arrives.

But it turns out to be a not-so-normal day, for when she gets inside the gloomy jungles of the swamp, she is confronted by a huge, dripping, brown monster. And, when the monster follows her, she is forced to defend her home to the last …

Set in Malaysia’s eastern-most state of Sabah, this delightful story is typical of stories told to young children by grandparents to entertain them before bedtime, and to keep them safe from the dangers of the swamps and jungles.


Through 35 dynamic, full-colour illustrations, the tranquil rural coastal landscape is transformed as the storm approaches and the drama unfolds, drawing the reader deeper into the mystery. What is this monster, where did it come from?

The beauty of the shapes and colours of north Borneo’s native vegetation and animals, along with the exquisite styles of Kadazan-Dusun textures and patterns, are artfully captured in a wonderland of storytelling that merges cultures for children and adults interested in distant times and places. The fine attention to detail will give young readers hours of enjoyment through the wild and rollicking adventure that will keep them on the edge of their seats.