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Crime thriller raises some serious issues

Raising serious issues seems to be a common thread among reviewers when discussing Poetic Licence. Jeff Popple makes a point that the “cynicism of conservative politics … [and] the manipulation of the news cycle” are key themes running through the story. Exploring “a raft of thorny questions and social issues” is how Writing WA put…

Review and Interview in Fremantle Shipping News

Poetic Licence – Review and Podcast with Kevin Price In his review of Poetic Licence, FSN editor, Michael Barker laments the fact that “Balsamic & Olives,  [Roger] Lamord’s amazing restaurant on the banks of Northshore” does not actually exist. “What a restaurant” he says. And then adds, “Although one might well choose to forgo the…

Poetic Licence Release News

  Release day, Sunday 15 May, 20122. Poetic Licence is available from today. Our official launch event is tomorrow, Monday 16th May, at Bar Orient in Fremantle hosted by New Edition Bookseller. Fremantle Shipping News has published a review and podcast with Kevin Price talking with Michael Barker. They discuss the book, its origins, its…

A Reader’s View

This was such a great read! I loved loved loved it. It begins with showing us a regular household, Nenek Tata and Nenek Jantan going about their day. Then, the news of an incoming storm causes changes of plans. Nenek Tata decides to fetch crabs ensnared to eat at dinner but as soon as she…