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Crotchet Quaver noteworthy publications — Australian author-publishers shaping reader experience.

Crotchet Quaver is a partnership of Australian author-publishers bringing you noteworthy publications that have received high acclaim from reviews the world over. Noteworthy publications are books that shape reader experience from independently published and self-published authors. While the partners’ collective authorship spans the past eight years, their history in author-publishing activities is far older.

Noteworthy publications from over 30 years in creative practice

The partnership has over 30 years in creative practice in publication and graphic design. However, it was from publishing anthologies of stories written by students of the Born Storytellers program from 2007 to 2015 where Crotchet Quaver noteworthy publications emerged. This resulted in over 60 anthologies of more than 650 pieces of student writing. These books, although no longer available, still sit handsomely on the bookshelves of many parents and grandparents, all bearing the hallmarks of noteworthy publications.

Recent Stories

WordsOut Indie Author Showcase to turn a page on self published authorship

If you are an Indie Author, be part of the WORDSOUT Indie Author Showcase. The WordsOut Indie Author Showcase will feature the works of independently* published authors at the Darlington Arts Festival 5-6 November, 2022. The aim is specifically to help raise the profile of self-published books before a substantial and diverse audience over the…

Raising the profile of self-published authorship

We are raising the profile of self-published authorship in Western Australia. So we invite self-published authors to participate in WordsOut Indie Author Showcase, Darlington Arts Festival 5-6 November, 2022. Showcase your work to a substantial and diverse audience over the two day festival, and promote a better understanding of our publishing culture around self-published works…

Crime thriller raises some serious issues

Raising serious issues seems to be a common thread among reviewers when discussing Poetic Licence. Jeff Popple makes a point that the “cynicism of conservative politics … [and] the manipulation of the news cycle” are key themes running through the story. Exploring “a raft of thorny questions and social issues” is how Writing WA put…

Review and Interview in Fremantle Shipping News

Poetic Licence – Review and Podcast with Kevin Price In his review of Poetic Licence, FSN editor, Michael Barker laments the fact that “Balsamic & Olives,  [Roger] Lamord’s amazing restaurant on the banks of Northshore” does not actually exist. “What a restaurant” he says. And then adds, “Although one might well choose to forgo the…

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