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“There is a huge difference in quality between children stories that are written with adults in mind (i.e., has moral lessons or takeaways) and picture books that are really meant for kids. Nenek Tata and the Mangrove Menace is one that would really have kids laughing their hearts out and will definitely make a fantastic storytelling night. It’s an adventure, a slapstick, and a sweet slice-of-life all rolled into one.

The pacing and the art amps up the tension as the horror mystery unravels and will keep readers on their toes for the grand reveal. I love how the text and the illustrations work together to help immerse the readers in Nenek Tata’s world, from the lush farmlands to the scary nights home to folk monsters and nightmares.

It’s also interesting to see a main character who isn’t young or conventional be the protagonist of a children’s story and still be very much relatable with kids.”


This 5-star review on NetGalley was by blogger and media reviewer, Nae Ayson.

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