Koo Kaa & Burra: The Rescue

Three kookaburras who live  at the top of a tingle tree in the heart of the tingle forest have to sacrifice first prize in the annual mushroom hunt. For 3-9 year-olds.

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Judith Vun Price

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A story of bravery, sacrifice and community in a beautiful children’s picture book

This 30 page children’s picture book is case bound in hardback with a matte coating. Complete with full colour pictures, it tells the story of a family of kookaburras joining in the Tingle forest’s annual mushroom hunt contest. They gather early in the morning with the bush community on the river bank. Families of possums and magpies join them. As the party gets underway, they share laughter and food and the joy of community. And then, when Mayor Major Mitchell blows his horn, it’s not long before Koo, Kaa & Burra have gathered an enormous collection. But then disaster strikes. A baby possum falls into the raging river.

Certain victory is put in jeopardy when a baby possum falls into the river

This delightful story paints a wondrous picture of a gathering of Australian birds and animals.

Children's picture book, Koo Kaa & Burra has Major Mitchell blowing his horn


Mayor Major Mitchell, sounded the horn. The hunt was on. The forest dwellers moved quickly along the banks of the river, eager to collect as many mushrooms as possible. Many thought about winning the grand prize for collecting the most mushrooms and all were looking forward to the great midday mushroom feast.

Children paging though this picture book will marvel at the gorgeous drawings of characters of the Australian bush. Parents reading with them will share their own experiences of the natural world. Judith Vun Price’s artistry with children’s picture books captures the magical colours and landscapes of the Australian bush. She puts a family of kookaburras at home in a great tingle tree. Their neighbour, Grumpy Old Owl, lives right next door. They all come together as one big community along the river bank. With them is Mayor Major Mitchell, a family of magpies and possums, and many more. This children’s picture book is for children who are curious and interested in Australia’s wonderful southern forests. It is a story about bravery, sacrifice and community.

Features illustrations of Australian birds and animals and bush. Suitable as a read-to book for children 3-9 years.


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Judith Vun Price


Judith Vun Price





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