Ordinary Euphoria

Reading this book of poems will leave you feeling richer in unexpected ways. In a collection of 33 poems and 20 artworks by Judith Price, David Moody reveals a personal version of humanity and self with poems ranging from Africa to Australia. This is s a bedside book for contemplative moments.

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David Moody

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David Moody’s poems in Ordinary Euphoria do even more than help us see the significance of apparently ordinary moments to our lives. Accessible and thought-provoking, from the short, humorous poems such as If to the longer ones such as Compassionate People and Smokescreen, this beautifully written, accessible collection shows us the importance of such moments to our sense of humanity and self.

These poems reward us in many other ways. They rekindle in us the courage to face hardships and sadness, and to empathise with others. They reveal the treasure to be found both in quiet moments alone and in encounters with other people, and they help us celebrate these and the value to be found in our everyday lives. Much like a good friend, they give us a fuller sense of who we are and who we might yet become. In short, reading this book of poems will leave you feeling richer in unexpected ways. (Simone Lazaroo).

Complementing the vivid imagery of Moody’s poetry, ranging from the darkest moments of modern Africa to the lighter moments of Murdoch Drive and Cottelsoe Beach at Sunset, is a collection of paintings by artist, illustrator and author, Judith Price.

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David Moody


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