Koo Kaa & Burra: The Rescue



Koo Kaa & Burra: The rescue

ISBN 9780987540270

Written and illustrated by Judith Price, published in June 2014 for Crotchet Quaver.

The book is aimed for young readers age 6-9, and features bright illustrations of Australian animals and bush settings. To aid readability for young readers, the type is set in an easy serif-faced font using its space on the page to generate a dynamic relationship between the text and the images.

It is printed in premium colour throughout on a white matte book stock.

Size: 216mm x 216mm

Number of pages: 30

Finishing: Case Bound (hardback), Matte Laminate.

All design and illustrations were carried out and produced digitally by Judith in the Logorythm studio.

Printing is by Lightning Source and worldwide distribution by Ingram.