Nenek Tata and the Mangrove Menace

One of those delightful picture books about grandparents.

Nenek Tata is preparing for a normal day, gathering water, feeding her animals and checking the crab traps in the mangrove swamp before the first storm of the monsoon season arrives.

‘A clap of thunder cracked overhead. Unable to fight the urge to look behind here, Nenek Tata turned her head …’

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Nenek Tata and the Mangrove Menace
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Judith Vun Price, Jacqui Vun

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Picture books about grandparents delight children. So, when children read how Nenek Tata’s adventure on what started out as a normal day turns a bit scary, their delight will explode.

It’s all because this day turns out to be not-so-normal. When Nenek Tata gets inside the gloomy jungles of the swamp, a huge, dripping, brown monster emerges. And, when the monster follows her, she must defend her home to the last … until she discovers the monster’s identity.

This scary story is set in Malaysia’s eastern-most state of Sabah and is told in the style of a Malaysian hantu folk tale. Its little bit of fright delights children because of the funny twist in the end. In the way many stories grandparents tell young children, this one entertains while teaching them about the dangers of the swamps and jungles.

Illustrations show how picture books about grandparents engage with children.

Dynamic, full-colour illustrations transform the tranquil landscape as the storm approaches and the drama unfolds. Consequently, the growing mystery draws the reader in: What is this monster, where did it come from?

Artful storytelling captures north Borneo’s beautiful native vegetation and animals, and exquisite textures and patterns. It shows children and adults interested in distant times and places a melding of cultures. This fine attention to detail offers young readers a wild and rollicking adventure, keeping them on the edge of their seats to the very end.


“There’s a twist at the end. It was predictable but still made me laugh out loud. The illustrations are realistic and beautifully capture the vibes.”

“Beautiful illustrations with easy poetic text tell the story of Nenek Tata and her adventures in the mangrove swamps. Folktales are always a fun topic for children’s stories, and I love the playful nature of this one.”

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Judith Vun Price, Jacqui Vun


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