Wholesale Trading Terms

The entity you are trading with

Crotchet Quaver is an imprint of Logorythm, which is the trustee for the Price Family Trust, a registered business under Australian Securities Laws.

Registered Address

Telephone number



119 Ridgewood Loop, Bullsbrook, Western Australia 6084

+61 (08) 9594 6211



Your invoices will be issued under the above header, and payments made into bank accounts identified as Kevin Lindsay Price & Judith Price atf Price Family Trust t/as Logorythm

The principals of the business are Judith Vun Price and Kevin Price. Please use the details at our contact form to get in touch if you need to discuss anything.


Orders may be placed in several ways. Our preferred method is through our online portal, however we will also accept orders via email with an attached order form or quoted order number, and by phone from a person authorised to order stock.



To create an online order, please register your company for wholesale trading terms by clicking on this link. Once registered, your account will be verified and you will be able to login and place orders directly on our system.


If you use an official order form and want to order via email, please send your order to books@crotchetquaver.com with an order form attached, quoting your order number. We will still establish an account for you on our system to process your orders.


If ordering by telephone, please call 08 95946211 with your order and please quote your order number. An account will be established for you and your order will be processed through our system.


We commit to dispatching your order within 24 hours (of the next business day) of your order. Our delivery systems will generate your packing information based on the order and we will use the most efficient method of delivering your order, with tracking information supplied to you in a confirmation email.

Please note: some special offers may include reduced or free-in-store delivery and a special code will be issued for your use to activate the benefit.


We provide a full replacement warranty in the case that any stock is delivered  in a damaged or defective condition where that damage or defect has originated in our warehouse, from our suppliers or in the transportation from our warehouse to yours. 

Such damaged or defective stock will be made good at the earliest possible time, even if an investigation into the damage or defect is ongoing. If, following such an investigation, it is found that the damage or defect occurred after delivery from us, then either full or partial payment for the making good may be sought.

If stock is received in a damaged or defective manner, then it is imperative that we are informed immediately and photographic evidence supplied of the damage or defect and an explanation of the damage or defect given in writing. In the case that an insurance claim is required, or a claim lodged against a carrier, this information is vital.

Any evidence of fraud will be referred to the police for investigation.

Payment terms

There are different payment methods available on this website and are shown at the checkout page. They include Payment on account, credit card, paypal and direct EFT payments.

Most wholesale orders will be shipped on the basis of a 30 day invoice account. The payment for a 30 day invoice is due 30 days from the date of the invoice. Payment may be made using EFT to our bank accounts, the details of which are provided on the invoice, or by returning to the order page on the website and using a credit card or paypal system. A link is provided on the invoice.

In some instances, a consignment invoice may be issued to account for stock shipped on consignment. In this case, a regular checkup of sales will be made by phone or email follow up and units actually sold will be credited against the consignment and debited against a 30 day invoice. Please note, not all of our products are available on a consignment basis. 

Because we are not a multinational company with extreme cash reserves, we insist that our invoices are paid in a timely manner. If repeated attempts have to be made to recover accounts, then an interest charge may be added to the original invoice and future sales may be reduced to shorter time periods or supplied on a sale at order basis. Business only works when all parties in a transaction treat each other fairly and with respect, regardless of size or capacity. We like to honour such fairness and respect in all of our transactions, and hope that our selling partners are of a similar mind.