The idea of ordinary euphoria, the title of my upcoming collection of poems, and also the title of two of the poems in the book, is an attempt to capture an experience we all have at some time. It happens at unexpected times, when we are simply going about our everyday business, and not at all in a mood of spiritual readiness or even much vaunted mindfulness. It is that moment when an odd lining up of accidents, a shaft of light hitting an object, or an experience of unguarded human emotion, or a sense of time passing, transforms time and space into the numinous, or the transcendent: when we feel somehow close to the heart of things, a sense of the earth’s essential mystery.

Something related happens when we read a great poem, or gaze at a great painting—or catch something fascinating and beyond definition in an old forgotten photograph. I make no claims that I have captured that sense, that mood, that moment in the poetry. I think the poems are more “about” that feeling than “of” or “in” it. But it is why I write, too—well, why I write poetry.

David Moody

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